live1 [liv]
lived, living [ME liven < OE libban (akin to ON lifa, Goth liban, Ger leben) < IE * lib(h)s- < base * leibh-, to live]
1. to be alive; have life
a) to remain alive
b) to last; endure
a) to pass one's life in a specified manner [to live happily]
b) to regulate or conduct one's life [to live by a strict moral code]
4. to enjoy a full and varied life [to really know how to live]
a) to maintain life; support oneself [to live on a pension]
b) to be dependent for a living (with off)
6. to feed; subsist; have as one's usual food [to live on fruits and nuts]
7. to make one's dwelling; reside
8. to remain in human memory of [men's good deeds live after them]
1. to practice or carry out in one's life [to live one's faith]
2. to spend; pass [to live a useful life]
3. to act (a role in a play) very convincingly or feelingly
live and let live
to do as one wishes and let other people do the same; be tolerant
live down
to live in such a way as to wipe out the memory or shame of (some fault, misdeed, etc.)
live high
to live in luxury
live in
to live at the place where one is in domestic service
live it up Slang
1. to have a joyful, hilarious time
2. to indulge in pleasures, extravagances, etc. that one usually forgoes
live out
1. to live until the end of; last through
2. to sleep away from the place where one is in domestic service
live up to
to live or act in accordance with (certain ideals, promises, expectations, etc.)
live well
1. to live in luxury
2. to lead a virtuous life
live with
1. to dwell with; be a lodger at the home of
2. to cohabit with
3. to tolerate; bear; endure
where one lives
Slang in a sensitive or vulnerable area
live2 [līv]
[aphetic for ALIVE]
1. having life; not dead
2. of the living state or living beings
3. having positive qualities, as of warmth, vigor, vitality, brightness, brilliance, etc. [a live organization, a live color ]
4. of immediate or present interest [a live issue]
a) still burning or glowing [a live spark]
b) not extinct [a live volcano]
6. not yet burned: said of a match
7. charged for explosion; unexploded [a live shell]
8. carrying electrical current [a live wire]
9. in the native state; not quarried or mined [live rocks]
10. having resilience or elasticity [a live rubber ball]
11. fresh; pure: said of the air
a) involving an appearance or performance in person, rather than a filmed or recorded one; transmitted during the actual performance [a live broadcast]
b) recorded at a public performance
13. Mech. imparting motion or power
14. Printing set up ready to be printed
15. Sports in play [a live ball]
in, from, or at an actual or public performance [recorded live at a nightclub]

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